The best tips to shrink the stomach

Shrink the stomach seems to be a requirement now. Not just for men but also women, especially after childbirth. Here are some tips on how to shrink the stomach.

First: Drinking enough water
Sometimes a big belly because most water, but it’s not a bad habit. Drinking more water will keep the bile function effectively. Do not reduce water consumption when the program shrinks the stomach because it will cause digestive problems.

Second: Eat slowly
Eating slowly will make the food more subtle. Who do not chew food finely will produce lots of gas and cannot be completely digested by the body. When we swallow quickly so the air stays behind in the intestine and form a gas that can trigger stomach inflate. So, chew food slowly.

Third: Reduce salt intake
Excessive consumption of salt will increase the extra sodium in body fluids, this will slow the process of pushing the water out of cells, and the stomach will become enlarged.

Fourth: Consumption of fiber foods
Fiber contained in vegetables and fruits such as apples and pears. Fibrous food is very useful to compensate for water storage which causes bubbling.

And last, Exercises
Exercises, especially sit-ups will help push the fluid in the abdomen that can come out of the network and enter the blood stream which will be issued as sweat or brought to the bile to be released as urine. Other sports such as aerobics are also good.

How to? The following video about the perfect sit-ups:

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