Stress is a Major Cause of Health Problems

Stress is an ignorant state.  It believes that everything is an emergency.  (Natalie Goldberg)

Work piling up at the office. Financial condition is unstable. The street is jammed. Many things that can be a cause of stress around us. 
Did you know, stress is a major cause of health problems. Recent research has even revealed that chronic stress can lead to DNA damage. 
Scientists from the Duke University Medical Center showed it malfunctions due to substances that play a role in DNA protection. According to Robert J. Lefkowitz, stress resulted in increased levels of adrenaline and changes in p53 protein levels. 
When stress is prolonged, these proteins are at their lowest level in a long time to allow the occurrence of DNA abnormalities. This also led to signs of premature aging such as the appearance of gray hair, wrinkles, up to deadly diseases like cancer.
So, if we want to look always beautiful and healthy in the long term, let’s avoid stress from our life.

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